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Dear Students & Professionals,

We are living in a Knowledge Society, where knowledge is power. However, knowledge continues to grow at the fastest pace in the history of mankind. To continue to grow it is now almost mandatory to keep pace and ugrade oneself.

We at M.M. Mukhi & Sons, strive to make this easier for each of you in the Film Industry. We do this by keeping you informed of the latest books published on the subjects, that matter to you the most. You can keep abreast of the latest by subscribing to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page.

We also strive hard to make these books available to you in the fastest possible way by having the bestsellers in stock with us all the time.

We work with publishers to help bring down costs and make the books more affordable to you.

We understand that some books would be extremely valuable to you and your colleagues, if they were available in your library. We can make this possible by working with your librarian or school dean, HOD if you let us have the book details and the contact details of the concerned person in your school / institute / office.

There are some books that are classics or must haves. Where you feel  each of your colleague or fellow class mate must have his or her own personal copy. Talk to them and if you could get even 3 (three) people to come together and buy individual copies, connect with us and we will work out a very special deal for each of you. 

Looking forward to being connected to you.

Warm Regards,

Team M.M. Mukhi & Sons

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Lifelong learning is the Mantra of Success. There are many ways in which we work with students and professionals. Some of which are detailed alongside. We are open to thoughts, suggestions and offers. Please feel free to get in touch with us.