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In the Book Trade, You are the first link between the Customer and the Publisher. You understand  the needs of the Customers in terms of books they need and the services they expect. 

We are a specialist Importer, stockist, book distributor and book store in the Subjects of Film Making, Value Investing and Life Skills. We keep track of what is the latest trends, most popular releases and classic titles, and the most bestselling titles from around the world. 

We maintain reasonably large stocks of the best selling titles and sell Wholesale Books at Bulk pricing. 

We focus on maintaining win win relationships with publishers from around the world to ensure that we can take care of your needs, and help you fulfill your orders in the fastest possible time at the cheapest possible price helping you increase your toplines and therefore your bottom lines. 

We offer very attractive terms to our  partners including protection from competition. 

If you have customers who need books on the subjects we specialise in, get in touch with us. We can sit over coffee, understand your requirement and offer you excellent terms and solutions to enable you to sell more books every day. 

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